Perfect deburring, grinding or cutting work

Maximum power, highest quality and versatile use - these are the special features of the precision spindles from Schick Industrie.

Thanks to high speeds of up to 100,000 rpm with high torque, the hand-held electric spindles effortlessly master numerous grinding, cutting and deburring tasks. The user can choose from different spindles and control units.

Also in terms of "ergonomics" the electric grinder leave nothing to be desired: the low weight, a good center of gravity and the very high running smoothness at full speed allow fatigue-free working in continuous operation.

Energy saving

Compared to conventional pneumatic systems, Schick's electric straight grinders are particularly energy-efficient and quiet. More and more users are therefore opting for a conversion to these electric motor spindles.
Take a look at our user video and see for yourself:

Deburring with the MT Profi

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