The MT W motor with angled handpieces is perfect for places that are difficult to reach with normal straight grinders.

In addition, the angled handpieces, in particular the 50° handpiece, offers alternative working ergonomics when lowering or deburring in special working positions (overhead or on vertical surfaces).…

The angled attachments can be used for grinding, cutting and polishing at high speeds as well as for lowering and deburring at low speeds.

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Control unit MTC

The MTC control is perfectly suited for the MT W motor with angular attachments due to the right-left rotation.


  • MTC control unit: Control for the most demanding applications. Highest performance, digital speed display as well as right / left rotation 1,000 - 50,000 rpm / 9 Ncm

Technical data

  • Angled handpieces
  • MTC control unit

Product overview

Contra angle handpiece 90°

Art. No. 10101

Contra angle handpiece 50°

Art. No. 10103

Motor for angled handpieces

Art.-No. 10105

MTC control unit

control unit with cable

Art.-No. 10280