Best tools for handmade engravings

Schick Industrie has been developing and producing high-quality motor handpieces for over 50 years. Thanks to the absolute smoothness even at 50,000 rpm, the precision devices are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications and materials.

Especially with the hand-made engraving art, the sophisticated hand pieces are often used. Due to the low weight and the smooth running, professional work is possible even in continuous operation.

Whether in the refinement of hunting and sporting weapons, the processing of jewelry or in the oil tank engraving of a Harley - the handpiece can do it all.

Perfect engravings

To achieve a perfect engraving, the right speed plays an important role. With Schick's control, depending on the material, the speed can be set appropriately.


Only by Schick

  • Development and production in Germany
  • Longlasting premium products
  • Own service center
More benefits

Engraving of hunting rifles and knives

With photorealistic hunting scenes and traditional ornaments engraved Armin Bundschuh from Oberwart in Austria hunting rifles and knives according to customer requirements.


The tools used are his engraving stylus and more recently also a Schick technique handpiece for working out the underlying motif backgrounds.

With the finest milling tools and high speeds, the classic craftsmanship is effectively complemented.

Up to 600 working hours flow into the complete engraving of a hunting weapon, making it an extremely valuable one-off item.

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