Processing of carbon fiber materials

You are a specialist in model making, mold making and prototype construction for the aviation and automotive industry and process different materials such as glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics?

Due to the very fine CFC dust that is generated during processing, robust devices are particularly important. With Schick's high-speed multifunction tools, you achieve maximum precision when grinding, cutting and drilling. The special seal of the handpiece offers excellent protection against dirt and premature wear.

Professionals especially appreciate the very quiet running and the low noise level of the precision equipment.

Energy saving and quiet

Compared to conventional pneumatic systems, Schick's electric drives are particularly energy-efficient and quiet. More and more users are therefore opting for a conversion to these electric motor spindles.

Only by Schick

  • Development and production in Germany
  • Longlasting premium products
  • Own service center

KA-RaceIng e.V. processes carbon with the handpiece from Schick

KA-RaceIng e.V. is composed of students from various disciplines of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Every year, two racing cars are developed, designed and manufactured from a team.

The noise level when working is significantly reduced compared to other companies' products. The low weight of the tool impresses especially with long use.

The lightweight and compact design allows working in narrow areas.

So far, the seal of the MT PROFI has been guaranteed, so no CFK dust problems have occurred which could have interfered with the storage and electronics in the tool. This is particularly noteworthy compared to some competing models, which have regular defects here.

The handpiece by Schick stands out clearly from the competition, since it is designed very thoughtfully and works extremely reliably. You can edit a variety of materials over several hours, without the device shows restrictions. Here, the simple processing with carbon is to be mentioned particularly.

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