Lifesize bronze - sculputres

The life-size bronze sculptures by artist Iris Rousseau are known worldwide.

In her studio on the Elbe dike magically crafted unique pieces are created, which can be found in numerous private collections, public places, hotels or in churches.


With the handpiece by Schick sculptor Iris Rousseau works on small defects, bumps and possible edges of the sand or silicone mold.

Electric tools

Schick GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality machines and tools for grinding, polishing and deburring for over 50 years.


Your benefits

  • Extremely quiet and smooth running
  • No vibrations
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Low-maintenance
  • High standard of quality

SARAH gets chiseled

"Only after the patina you can finally see the small defects, bumps and possible edges of the sand or silicone mold, which can be removed very finely and successfully with various diamond milling cutters.

For small sculptures and also life-size sculptures, my Schick machines are indispensable. After working with the various Bunsen and the Ziselierhammer, usually grinding and polishing work is announced.

My old machine is still my favorite. I bought them about 20 years ago. But even the new ones you see in the photo here are excellent for our work.

We can use with it all our various cutters, cut-off wheels and brushes, the speed setting is very pleasant and also the cruise control for complicated and very fine repairs ", says Iris Rousseau.

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